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6 Tips for Speaking Clearly

ACT Like A Pro, Issue 127 Think about the last time you had difficulty hearing someone, whether it was on the phone, on live video, or in person. What steps could they have taken to make it easier for you to hear them? Room noise Tone and proximity (phone, microphone, or yourself) How fast or slow they […]


3 Steps to Confidence

ACT Like A Pro Issue 125 Here is a sampling of what I covered in my recent free webinar, Conveying Confidence. 3 Steps to Confidence Know your strengths, and focus on them Delegate or mitigate your weaknesses Find examples of confident people you can emulate Knowing your strengths is the first step. One of my strengths […]


Upping our professionalism game

ACT Like A Pro Issue 124 When was the last time you evaluated your personal brand? This is completely separate from your business, company, or organization; your personal brand is often characterized by the emotions and feelings that others associate with you when your name comes up. A personal brand is essential to standing out […]