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New Year, New Them (ACT Like A Pro #157)

What do I mean by “new year, new them?” It’s true that you can’t change other people’s minds on most things. But what if you could understand them better, and in doing so, improve your working relationship? What if, instead of focusing on changing how you look (I see you, January weight-loss and new workout […]


The In-Person Training Problem (ACT Like A Pro #154)

Leading up to the release of my new online course, Management Skills for Agriculture 101, I’m looking at reasons why training the way we’ve been delivering it isn’t working right now and won’t work in the future. The 101 course starts on January 4th, so you can buy now and start fresh with the new year, […]


Identifying a Management Skills Gap (ACT Like A Pro #153)

Over the holiday weekend and the shopping days that followed, I released the early bird special for my new online course platform, Ag Lead U. Take a look at the courses I have up right now, Management Skills for Agriculture 101 which runs 4 weeks, and its 6-week companion, Advanced Management Skills for Agriculture 201. You can also get […]