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Unsolicited Advice Is Not Meant for You

“When we put ourselves out there, we can become targets of another person’s thoughtless ego-trip moments.” We’re six months into Covid-19-restricted life and I’m seeing an interesting uptick in rotten behavior. (No, I won’t be covering politics today). Actually, I’ve noticed A LOT of unsolicited advice being offered. Perhaps it’s a new habit resulting from […]


On-demand training for ag managers & leaders

ACT Like A Pro, Issue 134 The cart is open, and space is limited. Why am I constantly talking about the Ag Lead Short Course? Because I’ve seen time and time again how the lack of business training sets up managers and leaders for failure on the farm. This course was specifically designed to meet a […]


Rebrand! Ag Lead with Sarah Beth Aubrey

ACT Like A Pro Issue 129 Ag Lead with Sarah Beth Aubrey podcast tackles the big “people” topics in agriculture like succession planning, employees, and handling crises. You can listen to the first 15 episodes RIGHT NOW by going to my Podcast page for easy links to Apple Podcast, Google Podcasts, and more. Why did I […]