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Register for FJ Field Days & Watch My Panel

Click Play above to listen to my interview on AgriTalk yesterday where we chat about the upcoming Farm Journal Field Days and my panel during the event. On the panel, I’m going to be covering about a topic that’s kind of important right now, especially as we go into harvest: motivation for employees. Here’s a […]


When Being Good Isn’t Good Enough

Many organizations in ag are busy in July and August preparing for and kicking off the 2021 selling and marketing season. With that in mind, this week’s blog will focus on taking your organization from being good to being great for a changing marketplace. Think about a brand you love, a brand you buy over and over because of […]


What generation do you belong to?

ACT Like A Pro Issue 131 What generation do you belong to? Did a word, a feeling, or a stereotype come to mind? What if I told you it doesn’t matter? Whether you think you’re a Boomer, Gen X, Millennial, or somewhere in between these arbitrary classifications, you can effectively communicate with anyone of any age. When we box what […]