Let’s talk training, speaking sessions for groups and events, and strategic planning facilitation for your next board meeting or retreat.

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I’ve organized this page by general category, however, many components of what I do overlap and often grow into customized options as we work together more frequently.

i thought about this Workshop or Continued Breakout Sessions

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Importance of Networking and Building Peer Networks

Advanced Networking & Relationship Development Principles

Discovering your Strengths: StrengthsFinder Session

Building Upon Your Strengths: StrengthsFinder Advanced

Facilitation Strategy


Looking for an innovative approach to planning or a unique session to jumpstart your group? Opt for this popular and interactive program that takes participants through an abbreviated strategic planning process where they leave the session with their own mini-plan ready to go! Excel for teams and works as a large general session breakout, too.

This session also includes a free download of the video short course and fillable PDF planning guide.

Is your organization navigating change or dealing with conflict? Are you interested in uncovering opinions and needs of your members or employees?

Work with me on meeting facilitation, member relations research and strategic planning! With over 20 years of professional facilitation experience leading boards, family businesses and executive teams through conflict and change, let’s talk about how I might be able to work with you. I use an extensive but painless pre-planning process to achieve results. We’ll employ a variety of tools as needed including employee/stakeholder surveys, interviews, and reporting; professional assessments like Strengths Finder ™, and ongoing support through accountability programs, peer to peer networks, and even customized training and delivery in person or online.

Custom Curriculum, Training and Delivery

I’ve created courses for universities, industry, and even courses that I deliver myself for a fee to niche audiences.  I love to write and solve problems to create lasting change. I’m both creative and timely. So, if you’re in a specialized industry or just want to build something new that you will own and use again and again, customized curriculum development is what you need. While customization of any existing program is open to all clients, this option begins with the discovery process and results in a training program that you own. This work may include slides, moderator guides, and train the trainer workshops. I am also available for the delivery of your new training. Live and video options are all  components you may consider. We can even work together to update your existing training materials and leverage the good content you already have that just needs a refresh.