Elevate Ag, the Ag Peer Innovation Network, is a proven model for peer-to-peer networking combined with tailored executive coaching for agriculture and agribusiness.

We match you with others that have similar goals so you are part of a group that can give you feedback, knowledge, and business growth support.

Elevate Ag Peer Groups

Hands-on learning of new, innovative ways of doing business

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Shaped around your needs, Elevate Ag reaches across state lines to help you develop strong, trusting relationships with other growers.

A combination of in-person and virtual meetings plus executive coaching make Elevate Ag peer groups a unique powerhouse to expand your business and improve your bottom line.

Benefits of Peer Group Networks

  1. Improve profitability by gaining outside expertise before making big decisions.
  2. Confidential, supportive setting to discuss and gain support on sensitive topics.
  3. Obtain best practices on key issues impacting your business like succession plans, on-boarding the next generation, diversifying your business, and employee relations.
  4. Form solid relationships with elite-level growers like you.
  5. Cultivate a personal network that you and the next generation can rely on in the future.
  6. Enter a space to work “on” the business, not only “in” the business.
  7. Set obtainable goals with individual coaching from Sarah Beth Aubrey, a certified executive coach, plus the accountability of your peers to keep you on track.

Why join?

  • Get away from the business to improve the business
  • Confidential, high-end, comfortable meetings
  • Discounts on additional program offerings from Sarah Beth Aubrey and Elevate Ag
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Are you a fit for Elevate Ag?

Business growth for the future happens among a group of real, trusted peers with your best interests at heart and have a full scope of your business needs. Elevate Ag provides an ag-centric solution for business networking that is difficult to achieve on your own.

Groups meet twice a year in person; one meeting is at a member’s operation for honest feedback and insights from the group, and the second annual meeting is at an innovative region of the group’s choice.

Additional calls and video meetings are scheduled quarterly with coaching and goal setting facilitated by Sarah Beth Aubrey, a Professional Certified Coach by the International Coach Federation.

Member Testimonial

A glowing review from one of our current members:

“Since inception, we have been able to reach critical mass as a peer group, largely due the guidance and facilitation of Sarah Aubrey. Our group meetings are action-based and result-oriented sessions that have yielded results for our members.” -Brek Burgweger

Annual Investment

A peer group is structured into 2 in-person meetings and up to 4 video calls annually for growers and company leaders to converse in a confidential setting, led by trusted third-party facilitator Sarah Beth Aubrey.

The focus is on you each time and during all meetings;  members present an overview of their operation and give an update on their operation since the previous meeting. Each member’s annual goals are shared with the group to encourage accountability.

  • Membership for up to two individuals from your operation.
  • Facilitation, venue costs, meals, and tours for in-person meetings twice a year (January/February and July/August).
  • Up to four video calls a year.
  • Coaching and goal setting calls twice a year one-on-one with Sarah Beth Aubrey, including Gallup Strengths Finder.

Expenses not included: travel and transport to and from meetings, hotel stays during meetings.

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