In honor of things our mother’s taught us, my ‘Miss Priss’ appropriateness blog

ACT Like a Pro Issue 80

Being that Mother’s Day is this weekend, I thought I’d give a shout out to my mom, Ann Potter and my Grandma (her Mom) Dorothy Willard in this week’s blog. Rather than the usual ‘thank you’, I’d thought I’d put my spin on it as it relates to leadership and the lessons they taught me. […]

Sarah Beth Aubrey announces the selection of Luke Lael, of Fort Wayne, Indiana, as a summer intern.

get link Monrovia, IN- Sarah Beth Aubrey, Principal of leadership and management consulting firm, Aubrey Coaching & Training, LLC, and founder of Elevate Ag LLC, the Peer Innovation Network, announces the selection of Luke Lael, of Fort Wayne, Indiana, as a summer intern.   Lael, a freshman at Purdue University, is majoring in Agricultural Communications with a […]

Take Inventory of Your Talent Pipeline

ACT Like a Pro Issue 79

Exciting news around here – I just last Thursday submitted the Who’s Running Your Farm (Next)? Manuscript to my publishers, Niche Pressworks. I’m beyond excited to get this book in your hands during July. I’m hopeful it will be well received, I think we can start a movement here… So, continuing this month and into […]

Develop a Culture of Coaching, Part I: Your Why

ACT Like A Pro, Issue 77

Step One: Starting Strategic Thinking With Why As you know, this month, I’m writing about developing a culture of coaching for your organization as a prequel for my upcoming book, Who’s Running This Farm (Next)? The first step is about strategy or rather moving toward a focus on strategic thinking. Where I often begin this […]

Have you Considered NOT Selecting Your Successor?

Lately I’ve been reading a lot about CEO succession and leadership transition as I work through the drafts of my upcoming book, Who’s Running This Farm (Next?). Interestingly, many top managerial consulting experts suggest that current CEO’s not be part of the selection process for their replacements. The era of the hand-picked successor has (or […]