Take the Lead in Tough Conversations

ACT Like a Pro, Issue 98

This week I’d like to share a recent article that appeared as my monthly column, The Farm CEO Coach, in Top Producer. Take a read below and you can find these in realtime each month on www.agweb.com. Thanks always to my friends at Farm Journal Media for working with me to publish these columns!

Build Your Bench

ACT Like a Pro, Issue 97

kaletra generic It’s imperative to spend quality time thinking strategically about the roles of today, tomorrow, and into the future. Roles at the farm now are different and the change going forward will blow our minds. There are jobs that don’t even exist that will be integral aspects of future farm management. With that in mind, there is […]

Family Culture Can be Cultivated, Much like Business Culture

ACT Like a Pro: Issue 96

kaletra buy uk What is business culture? While it’s hard to define, culture exists and it is felt by everyone. What’s most interesting is, culture of a business is either created or it’s just simply tolerated. Culture shifts when new leaders take the helm and when new people join the work team. Culture can be changed intentionally with a conscious effort, […]

Taking a Look in the Mirror: Using 360-Assessments

ACT Like A Pro Issue 96

lopinavir / ritonavir kidney Workplace assessments, seems like extra work we don’t really want to do, right? BUT, it is estimated that as many as “60 percent of employees undergo workplace assessments a year.” (UNC Kenan & Flagler Business School) Honest and anonymous feedback from your work team can really help leverage your and your team’s professional growth and development. We can […]

What’s YOUR Why?

ACT Like A Pro, Issue 95

In agriculture, we’re conditioned to just “handle it,” putting aside uncomfortable issues or long-standing problems in favor of tackling immediate needs like harvest season or calving. Yet, such reactive thinking is not the way of the future. Proactive, forward-looking approaches are necessary to meet new demands. The first step in building a strategy to coach […]

The Countdown to August 8th, Who’s Running Your Farm (Next?)

lopinavir coronavirus covid 19 Many of us watched firework and  spent time with family,  all while celebrating the holiday this past Fourth of July weekend. The 4th of July is all about Independence- and so is agriculture. The reason I wrote Who’s Running Your Farm (Next)? 5 Steps to Develop and Coach Your Next Generation is to help ensure financial independence for the next […]

Attention: Media Contacts Needed

Author and Speaker, Sarah Beth Aubrey, Releases a New Book, Who’s Running Your Farm, NEXT? MONROVIA, IN- Sarah Beth Aubrey, Principal of Aubrey Coaching & Training, LLC, announces the launch of her most recent business book, Who’s Running Your Farm, NEXT?, including five succession strategies that will revolutionize your farm, protect your investments, and transform your team. Aubrey […]

Accountable Leaders and Managers

Who's Running Your Farm (Next)?

According to an article published on www.hbr.com, “Once people reach the C-suite, technical and functional expertise matters less than leadership skills and a strong grasp of business fundamentals.” (Harvard Business Review 2017) So what’s the best route to get the leadership skills necessary for the top posts? Go get more training? Head online or back […]