ACT is Seeking a Part-Time Marketing Specialist!


ACT, Aubrey Coaching & Training, my growing executive coaching and leadership development firm is seeking a part-time person to function as a marketing specialist. This is a part-time and could be an entry-level position that will require excellent attention to detail, willingness to take personal responsibility, and remain on task and meet deadlines. At least some college-level work is required and I will gladly look at students currently in college provided they exhibit dedication and time available to be responsive and consistent with projects.

Description: The marketing specialist will work on both the ACT business and the marketing for the Championship Drive novel series. The following are some of tasks that will be required.

  • The weekly ACT Like a Pro Newsletter (30 minutes to one hour per week)
    • Formatting and designing the layout
    • Designing newsletter graphics through Canva
    • Inserting content
    • Scheduling
    • Posting newsletter blog content to Agweb, ACT Website, and social media
  • Managing and updating the main website for ACT, (One hour a week)
    • Weekly blog updates from newsletter content and other articles, blogs, features, etc.
    • Designing banner images and other images for website through Canva
  • Managing the social media accounts associated with ACT (30 minutes to one hour a day minimum)
    • Posting to the ACT Facebook page, Sarah Aubrey’s LinkedIn, Sarah Aubrey’s Twitter, and the Sarah Beth Aubrey YouTube Channel
    • Posting quotes and excerpts from weekly blog content to all accounts (3-5 days a week)
    • Posting about events, upcoming speaking engagements, meetings, etc.
    • Promoting the Sarah Beth Aubrey YouTube Channel and executive coaching video series
    • Designing Banner images and other images for social media through Canva
    • Using the accounts to drive traffic towards the website and newsletter subscriptions
  • Other tasks for ACT:
    • Designing & formatting ACT slide decks through the Canva program
    • Designing material for ACT presentations and speaking engagements through Canva
    • Designing and formatting other documents for ACT
    • YouTube video uploads and marketing

Marketing for Championship Drive:

  • Managing the Championship Drive Social Media Accounts (30 minutes to one hour a day)
    • Posting to the CD Facebook and CD Instagram regularly
    • Driving traffic to the amazon and bookbaby links where the book can be purchased
    • Driving traffic to the Championship Drive book pages on both the ACT and ACC websites
    • Marketing the signed and numbered limited edition book options
    • Designing banner images and other images for social media through Canva

Skills Needed: The marketing specialist must be awesome when it comes web and social media. Specifically: Video and audio editing, formatting documents,  and creating designs in basic online software like canva, photo editing, working word press and understanding how to load content to blogs, websites, etc. You do not need to be a professional graphic artist or web designer, but someone with good skills and a willingness to get even better. I am seeking an innovative person with new ideas that keeps on top of the latest in social media options and is already proficient.

Location: This is a work from home position, however, preference will be given to candidates that live within occasional driving distance of Monrovia or Indianapolis, Indiana so that we can meet to work together a couple of times per month in person.

Compensation: The position will require approximately 10-20 hours of work per week and will be paid either hourly or on a monthly stipend depending on experience of the candidate. Expect the compensation to be between $650-1,000/month.

How to Apply:  Please send a resume and up to three names/emails/phone numbers of references using the form found below…