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Welcome to the Next Decade!

ACT Like A Pro, Issue 108

Welcome to a new decade! The dawn of a new era is upon us once again as we enter the 2020’s. Where will this decade take you? What goals have you created for yourself or your business? Wait…you have set some goals to kick of the new year, right??? If not there is still time […]

Reward Key Employees with Coaching

ACT Like A Pro, Issue 106

This week I’d like to share a recent article that appeared as my monthly column, The Farm CEO Coach, in Top Producer. Take a read below and you can find these in realtime each month on www.agweb.com. Thanks always to my friends at Farm Journal Media for working with me to publish these columns! ACT Like A Pro […]

Fundamental Six: Relationship Shifts – Landlords, Locals, and Lenders

ACT Like A Pro, Issue 105

I hope I haven’t fatigued you too much with my recent series on the fundamental shifts in agriculture. We conclude this week with number 6 –the shifting relationships with landlords, locals, and lenders. As one generation retires and the next one takes the helm, one of the most significant shifts in agriculture will be how […]

Changing Technology, Data, and Online Landscape

ACT Like A Pro, Issue 104

If you’ve been following my recent series, you’ll know that I’m working through six fundamental shifts in agriculture that are (or will) affecting everyone in the industry. Today, we look at number 5: The changing technology landscape. Let’s start here: everything written in this section is already out of date—at least it seems that way […]

Consumer Preferences, Perceptions, and Power

ACT Like A Pro, Issue 102

I’m continuing my series on the Six Fundamental Shifts in Agriculture. After last week’s look at global markets, it only makes sense to point out the burgeoning effect of consumer preferences on our business, which is #4: Consumer Preferences, Perceptions, and Power. It’s nearly Thanksgiving, and are you dreading sitting across from a relative or […]

Global Opportunities

ACT Like A Pro, Issue 101

Let me start with a question: When you opened your lunch pail at school, did your mother pack you hummus with jicama sticks? (Are you googling jicama right now?) Mine certainly didn’t. I’m a solid, 1970s-born Gen Xer, and the funkiest thing I ever had in my Little House on the Prairie lunchbox was a half-eaten bologna […]

What does the FACE in your labor pool look like?

ACT Like A Pro, Issue 100

The issues around labor, the challenges to hire and retain, and the desire to continue upgrading and managing on boarding and benefit programs are all topics that business owners in any industry bemoan. Agriculture has our own very unique set of issues AND opportunities to contend with, so this week, in keeping with the 6 […]

Fundamental Shifts Affecting Ag #1 The Transition in Leadership and Land

ACT Like A Pro, Issue 99

You’ve probably heard the phrase’ the future is now,’ and it is for us in agriculture. Welcome to my next six-part series, where I’ll be covering my take on the future of the industry, starting with the significant shifts happening that will (or already are!) affecting everyone from the farm to the corporate offices of […]