Leading up to the release of my new online course, Management Skills for Agriculture 101, I’m looking at reasons why training the way we’ve been delivering it isn’t working right now and won’t work in the future.

The 101 course starts on January 4th, so you can buy now and start fresh with the new year, and after you finish 101, you’ll get a certificate and access to the advanced course, 201. Register now for early bird pricing.

We’ve got to make training modern, easy, cheaper, and more convenient, and in-person training just isn’t going to work. These are 4 reasons why in-person training is a model of the past, and online courses that deliver results and easily-implemented the same day it’s taught.

These 4 problems have always been a problem in agriculture (and in the video below I explain why), but we haven’t had a good alternative until online courses started catching on. Now, I’m starting up my own platform for teaching quick, actionable skills in agriculture. I would much prefer the stage or the front of the classroom as I’ve been doing for two decades, but technology is changing the way we learn and interact – and it’s time ag training did too!

Four problems of in-person training:

  1. You don’t need another degree
  2. Time away from the operation
  3. The cost of time, travel, and the training itself
    4. Impact and speed of acting on training

As with last week’s mixed media (text and video), watch my quick video on YouTube to hear me talk about these problems, and why Ag Lead U is built to be a solution to all of them.

Click to register for Management Skills for Agriculture 101 and take advantage of early-bird special pricing through January 3rd, 2021.

Want to download the PDF of the 4 problems infographic? Get it here.

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