Over the holiday weekend and the shopping days that followed, I released the early bird special for my new online course platform, Ag Lead U. Take a look at the courses I have up right now, Management Skills for Agriculture 101 which runs 4 weeks, and its 6-week companion, Advanced Management Skills for Agriculture 201. You can also get them together for a bundle and big savings!

The 101 course starts on January 4th, so you can buy now and start fresh with the new year, and after you finish 101, you’ll get a certificate and access to the advanced course. Register now for early bird pricing.

How do you know if your managers need more training? What kind of training do they need? Will training solve the problems you have?

These 5 warning signs are common in agriculture, and all of them can be solved with a little training and a willingness to learn.

1. Signs of an overwhelmed manager
2. Problems that seem to “stick around”
3. Numerous petty conflicts between employees
4. Time management (or mismanagement)
5. You have to step in over and over

I’m trying a mixed-media look and feel to this week’s blog post, so watch my quick video on YouTube to hear me talk about these 5 points of assessment, and my solution.

Your manager doesn’t need another degree, and you don’t have years for them to accumulate trial-and-error experience.

The solution is a quick, affordable, convenient, and modern way to get your managers the training they need.

Ag Lead U, my new course platform, is designed to fit all four boxes:

  • Quick – courses are designed to take an hour a week or less
  • Affordable – the easy online payment process fits into your operation’s budget, and it counts as a professional development expense
  • Convenient – bite-sized content that is achievable and makes a difference delivered by email every week
  • Modern – video, text, quizzes, and handouts make the Ag Lead U platform idea for fitting into a busy schedule without leaving the farm

Click to register for Management Skills for Agriculture 101 and take advantage of early-bird special pricing through January 3rd, 2021.

Want to download the PDF of the 5 tips infographic? Get it here.

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