Let’s take a moment, right now, in the middle of your Tuesday, to take a deep breath and find one thing you’re thankful for in 2020.

Write it down in the comments!

As we rapidly approach this end-of-harvest US holiday, I want to make sure we don’t miss the message: give thanks.

A photo of a Thanksgiving dinner with turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie is the background. A young white woman is holding a serving fork over the turkey and in her other hand is a china plate. The words "A Moment To Give Thanks" are over the photo in white. Decorative gold foil leaves are on the edges of the photo.

Whether you’re close to family this year or far apart, count your blessings that you have in 2020. It may not be easy to come up with a list, or it may be hard to limit yourself to just one – both of these are okay.

Right now, I’m taking a few days to slow down, savor, and be thankful.

Act Like A Pro out there,
Sarah Beth