Month: November 2020

Finish 2020 with 1 More Goal (ACT Like A Pro #151)

What’s your #1 goal before you end 2020? Several of my clients were expressing to me over the last week that they felt like the year had gotten away from them. That they hadn’t achieved their goals for one reason or another. That somehow 2020 was a waste. Hold on, folks! There’s no doubt that […]


4 Crisis Reaction Types, Revisited (ACT Like A Pro #150)

For the last few days, I’ve been revisiting the 4 Crisis Reaction Types handout I developed this spring at the height of the coronavirus shutdowns. As we start looking and planning into 2021, here is a quick overview of the four types, and my thoughts on how we see these reactions develop into long-term crisis management styles. […]


Value, Knowledge, Leadership – ACT Like A Pro #149

Today’s election day in the US, so let’s be thankful for the freedom we have to vote in our federal and local elections. Last week I talked about how to develop a simple connectivity model for any operation. This week we’re going to address what many ag operations encounter: multi-generational communication. As we live longer, […]