Video gatherings and hybrid events are quickly becoming common as new ways of interacting.

I’m releasing a free resource today called the “Live Video Checklist” based on my many months of watching, observing, and participating in a variety of live meetings, conferences, and video-based chats.

Think of it as elevating your style from blah to glam with these 7 areas to pay attention to before hitting JOIN.

Click to download 2 page PDF version.

1. Microphone

Use a headset or earbuds with a mic (like the ones that come with most smartphones).

2. Lighting

Mix a lamp with a shade, a bright window, and a light from the back of your computer to light your face. Avoid the halo/haze which is caused by too much lighting behind you!

3. Camera

The angle is the ticket: make it eye-level. Too low, and everyone sees ceiling and nostrils; too high, and we see floor clutter and the top of your head.

If you have an external webcam, use it. If you’re using an internal camera, gently wipe the camera lens from your computer with a soft glasses cloth or clean t-shirt—not a tissue or paper towel.

4. Noise

Choose a spot away from noisy vents, busy streets, and (as much as possible) children or pets as your microphone will probably pick up sounds you don’t notice.

5. Attire

Since video events are largely head-and-shoulders, wear a crisp shirt such as a button-down with a collar, a stiff-collared polo, or a jacket with lapels. A t-shirt can be very distracting and and a polo with an askew collar may look overly casual or frumpy in the final video.

6. Pace Yourself

Slow down. Breathe. When you’re talking, it’s okay to pause, take a breath, and start the statement over again. When editing, a “clean take” is always going to make you sound smart, reliable, and trustworthy, being heard clearly and slowly is best for the audience.

7. Connection

Above all, seek out the best internet connection possible. Desktops and laptops plugged into the internet are the top followed by laptops and tablets on local wi-fi.

If your connection drops, have a backup! Often, this can mean having your phone available to hotspot your device. Be sure it is charged and not the primary device.

Use this checklist when planning your next event for a seamless and engaging virtual or hybrid event.

Check out the full-color, two-page handout for your next event! Download the PDF.