The world has definitely changed, and a lot of business plans aren’t going to work in the world around us in April 2020.

I’ve got a three-step process and a 3-month program that mirrors it to help you and your business pivot to be successful by autumn.

  1. Renew: what have you done for yourself lately to get a feeling of hope and renewal? While a spa day or a vacation isn’t presently an option for most, perhaps a staycation of your choosing is. Step one is to refresh yourself. Book an afternoon to do something YOU need to be renewed. For me, that includes reading things that are not digital and taking a run or maybe ‘writing it out’ about what I’m feeling. In order to move forward we often need to start by improving our moods.
  2. Reset: Step two is to take inventory. Life is different now and it will be. All your stuff and special events got cancelled-so did everyone else’s. But, where do you want to take the rest of the year? What can you control and where will things remain in flux? Inventory your plans and the changes and what you need to do; adjust accordingly to still meet your goals for the year. Yes, you can still meet your goals.
  3. Rebrand: Step three is to pivot. What do you need to do differently going forward? What do you need to alter –whether the messaging has changed or the delivery of the product or service. What about communications and interaction with your team and how you keep them on track-does this look different now? For some, rebranding will be just that – a whole new look, maybe a whole new company. But for others, a rebrand will be an adjustment in the business model, the product lines or the communication pathways.

I’ve been coaching businesses of all sizes through change for 16 years. Join me for 3 months of tailored coaching focused on having a great plan for fall 2020. Sign up ends May 1 so sign up now:

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