Welcome to a new decade! The dawn of a new era is upon us once again as we enter the 2020’s. Where will this decade take you? What goals have you created for yourself or your business?
Wait…you have set some goals to kick of the new year, right??? If not there is still time to launch into the decade with intent. How to begin?  Select your Word of the Year.

My 2020 Word of the Year is Innovate
For 2020, I’ve selected the word INNOVATE. I use the word of the year as theme that summarizes the goals I set and gives me a mantra, if you will, for the coming 12 months. For me, INNOVATE 2020 is about doing things differently, perhaps even taking a contrarian view of how my service-based business operates. While I’m still doing work around developing and coaching leaders and helping build capacity in work teams, in 2020, I’ll be innovating in the delivery of some of that work. While I’ll still be speaking from main stages and during breakouts, I’m also innovating in the way some of my message gets to the audience by building a Facebook community called Farm Next and offering programs virtually in a way I don’t see anyone in agriculture doing. 2020 is time for me to launch my business and my message to a whole new level and I’ll be innovating in my approach to doing so.
Innovation also means change. The words should probably be synonyms. You cannot simultaneously innovate and stay the same. I read a quote once that said “metamorphosis is naturally destructive”.
I really like that quote.
Ten years from now I won’t be the same and neither should my business or the services and message I offer to you. It’s time for INNOVATE 2020 and I cannot wait to share my innovations with you!

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ACT Like a Pro Out There!

Sarah Beth Aubrey