click to investigate It’s imperative to spend quality time thinking strategically about the roles of today, tomorrow, and into the future. Roles at the farm now are different and the change going forward will blow our minds. There are jobs that don’t even exist that will be integral aspects of future farm management. With that in mind, there is no need to develop young leaders into functions that may soon be unnecessary. While you can’t avoid essential training to operate the machinery of today or to plant the crop this season, you also need to look ahead and find ways to prepare your successors for the future.

It’s Time to…. Assess Your Talent Pipeline!

Think of it this way. Training for today’s functions is like putting gas in the car to operate it and training and preparing for future capabilities is like designing a whole new vehicle. One is for now, and one is for the future. Both are essential. Yet with the highly reactive nature of farming, even the best operations fall short of doing both. I encourage farm leaders to focus less on needs to be filled season-to- season and more on needs in the 24- to 48-month horizon. P.S. Interested in free training and discussion on these topics? Don’t forget to join my new Facebook group, FarmNext, and watch the new Facebook Live show! Show is on Thursday’s at 4pm EST!
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