In agriculture, we’re conditioned to just “handle it,” putting aside uncomfortable issues or long-standing problems in favor of tackling immediate needs like harvest season or calving. Yet, such reactive thinking is not the way of the future. Proactive, forward-looking approaches are necessary to meet new demands. The first step in building a strategy to coach people effectively is to understand YOUR Why.

Your Domain Name Simply put, YOUR Why is your purpose and how you want to see that purpose fulfilled. For many farmers, farming is a life’s work; it’s who they are. It’s their identity. Does that describe you? If you want to see the fruits of your labor sustained to 2050 and beyond, well, why?

Until you understand the importance of setting a vision and plan, you’ll keep putting it off as other important, reactionary issues arise. But a clear vision is foundational, and it’s sustaining.  Developing the next generation is an ongoing process requiring a commitment to excellence. Your commitment needs to come first and set an example for others.

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