Workplace assessments, seems like extra work we don’t really want to do, right? BUT, it is estimated that as many as “60 percent of employees undergo workplace assessments a year.” (UNC Kenan & Flagler Business School) Honest and anonymous feedback from your work team can really help leverage your and your team’s professional growth and development. We can create assessments that generate confidence boosting and expectation clarifying answers from everyone in your team. Both constructive and positive feedback is crucial to take the next step for your success! My recommendation for your next workplace assessment is the 360-degree assessment.

dating violence in el paso texas So, what is a 360-degree assessment? It’s really just a questionnaire that is designed to be taken by key people in an employee’s professional sphere. This should be done anonymously, and while the number of 360’s you send out varies by the situation and the person, everyone should answer the same questions about the individual. Questions are designed to uncover specific issues or intents and can provide a baseline competency in certain areas or uncover behavior issues that should be corrected. When reviewing an employee’s assessment results with them, take note of any patterns in the responses. These can become a great place to begin a coaching or other professional growth program.

When and how assessments are used needs to be closely linked to their purpose. To start, first decide what you want to accomplish with information gleaned from an employee’s peers and supervisors.

Here are some things to consider:

  • Is it to help coach someone to improve their self-awareness?
  • Is it meant to uncover areas where natural skills could be developed and used to get someone in the right role?
  • Will it help build team unity and improve understanding about different work styles or personality types?

Next time you’re looking to improve performance, start with 360-degree assessment to learn where you are now. You can contact Kira Jensen, Project Manager at at any time to design and distribute for your team!

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