Hello! As you may know from reading this blog, in 2019 I’m celebrating 15 years in the business of helping agriculture navigate change. One way I’m celebrating is by launching a new book focused on creating a culture of coaching and developing the next generation of leaders. The book will be released in July along with special live classes where you can sign up to take the training on each module of the book. As a sneak peak, April’s blogs will include topics from the book which is based on the five-step process I’ve created. First, this week take a look at the steps and thank you for reading!

5 Steps to Develop & Coach Your Next Generation


Step One: company website Strategy. The first step is to start with Your Why, that basic element that reminds you everyday why you do what you do and why you want your business to sustain after your tenure. With strategy, we convert some of the reactionary, tactical-only thinking time to uncovering (or reconnecting to) your purpose, then outlining a vision, and ultimately a strategy that includes a set of goals for this process.

Step Two: you can look here Take Inventory. Use Step Two to acknowledge your realistic state of the state of the human assets in your business today and what will be needed. What does your bench look like? How much real time is being spent identifying critical topics for knowledge transfer and the actions of actually doing it? We’ll look at the roles you have now and uncover those that are coming –especially when there isn’t anyone occupying the post today.

Step Three: http://pennywisenow.com/16235-dte82197-tired-of-online-dating-sites.html Create a Culture of Coaching. The idea of coaching – beyond the sports field – is fairly unfamiliar to most people in agriculture at the farm and even in agribusiness. No longer. This step will introduce the idea of coaching, define what coaching is and is not and most importantly, establish steps for intentionally protecting or improving culture.

Step Four: craigslist fort worth women seeking men Develop & Grow. This section includes the menu of leadership development options and the instructions for ordering. It also provides examples of situations where each of these may fit best for accomplishing your goals. Developing leaders takes an understanding of customized options such executive coaching, training programs, higher education, certifications, outside influences like peer groups, boards of advisors, networking, how to gain global experience, and advocacy and communications skills development.

Step Five: Implementation & Accountability. No successful process is ever complete without successful implementation. Implementation takes accountability on the part of the leadership and those being developed into leaders. You must build accountability systems like performance metrics, personnel reviews, career paths and understand when key employees and family may need lateral verses upward moves to get necessary experience.


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