Month: April 2019

Culture of Coaching, Part II: Building Your Bench-Take Inventory

have a peek here It’s often perceived as easier to bring family back and try to find a fit for them than it is to go out into the market and recruit. Besides, no doubt, it is easier said than done to say no to a family member that wants (or expects) a job. While it’s challenging to prevent […]

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Develop a Culture of Coaching, Part I: Your Why

buy modafinil duckdose Step One: Starting Strategic Thinking With Why As you know, this month, I’m writing about developing a culture of coaching for your organization as a prequel for my upcoming book, Who’s Running This Farm (Next)? The first step is about strategy or rather moving toward a focus on strategic thinking. Where I often begin this […]


New Series! 5 Steps to Develop & Coach Your Next Generation

addy rochester ny dating Hello! As you may know from reading this blog, in 2019 I’m celebrating 15 years in the business of helping agriculture navigate change. One way I’m celebrating is by launching a new book focused on creating a culture of coaching and developing the next generation of leaders. The book will be released in July along […]