Is Your Star So Bright You Actually Cast Some Shade?

   “She’s a rock start!”

    “He’s a standout!”

            “If you need something done, just give it to her!”

            Wow, it is GREAT when people at work or peers in the business say something like this about us, isn’t it? Yes, over achievers love to overachieve but especially to be recognized as over-achievers, too. So gratifying!         

            However, what happens when our peers and colleagues are also saying this:

“She always takes on more projects than everyone else – just to look good.”

            “Why should I volunteer when the boss is going to pick him anyway since he’s so ‘special’?”

            Is there actually a cost, a negative cost, to being the one at work that takes on the most? Consider the following from a recent WSJ article: “Star employees who always go the extra mile at work have it made. They bask in praise from bosses, customers and clients. Except when they don’t. These extra-milers also risk burning out, becoming a bottleneck on their teams or overshadowing co-workers who stop learning and growing,” writes Sue Shellenbarger.

            Am I advocating mediocrity? Definitely not. What this article got me to thinking about was that sometimes as over-achievers we must be careful not to overshadow everyone else. For people that naturally feel the urge to be at the head of the class, we can have a blindspot when it comes to how others react when we always take the spotlight. So, if you’re on a work team where the achievement level from others appears mediocre or the willingness to jump in and help from co-workers seems dismal, this time, take a look in the mirror – your star may be blocking someone else’s sun!

ACT like a Pro Out There!

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