I’m Sooo Stressed Out That I Can’t Even Work Straight!

It’s spring and whoa do we have a lot to get done! Thus begins my annual stress attack of realizing that its almost the end of the quarter, the sun is (occasionally) shining, the geese are flocking to my pond, and the temperatures are (sporadically) warming. I’m delighted with winter’s thaw but I’m reminded of how much I didn’t actually get done over the winter. BRRRR is replaced with GRRRR.

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I’m working on a new book and as such I’ve been reviewing a lot of works and studies about culture. One area that intrigued me was a piece about the high cost of stressed out workers. Many people say they ‘perform better under pressure’ and I’m guilty of being one of them. However, I’ve also been guilty of getting myself run-down (albeit, I don’t like admitting that) when I push hard and worry too much. I do like the rush of moving from one project to the next and being on the go, yet it’s the over-achieving during some seasons that can get me down. Now, as we approach the busy spring crop season, in agriculture we have the real dangers of accidents that stem from tiredness. It’s true that stress can be scary at times.

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So, what to do? Well, I’ve been trying to use my daily meditation app and it’s kinda cool, I admit, but I think the real issue is about expectations –the expectations we have of ourselves and those with whom we work. So, friends, whether you’re beginning the busy season of putting in a crop or prepping for the end of Q1, I encourage you to pause, gage the real productivity of yourself and your team and make decision that keeps everybody safe this spring.


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