Month: March 2019

Have you Considered NOT Selecting Your Successor?

you can look here Lately I’ve been reading a lot about CEO succession and leadership transition as I work through the drafts of my upcoming book, Who’s Running This Farm (Next?). Interestingly, many top managerial consulting experts suggest that current CEO’s not be part of the selection process for their replacements. The era of the hand-picked successor has (or […]

I’m Sooo Stressed Out That I Can’t Even Work Straight!

you can look here It’s spring and whoa do we have a lot to get done! Thus begins my annual stress attack of realizing that its almost the end of the quarter, the sun is (occasionally) shining, the geese are flocking to my pond, and the temperatures are (sporadically) warming. I’m delighted with winter’s thaw but I’m reminded of […]


Is Your Star So Bright You Actually Cast Some Shade?

découvrez ceci    “She’s a rock start!”     “He’s a standout!”             “If you need something done, just give it to her!”             Wow, it is GREAT when people at work or peers in the business say something like this about us, isn’t it? Yes, over achievers love to overachieve but especially to be recognized as […]