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Hey there, Dear Reader. It’s time to plan your great escape.
Escape? What are you taking about?
It’s called vacation and the time is now.
What? Girl, you’ve lost it! It’s still January!
True, I know. I’m always urging you toward achievement. January is time to refocus! It’s time to tackle the year! It’s time to be miserable in the cold and complain dutifully about it for a half hour (at least) every morning with our co-workers!

http://blackthornfarmandkitchen.com/?display_custom_css=css Exactly! It IS NOT vacation time – its only half way to spring break!

try this out             All true but for the last of January blog post, I want to encourage you to celebrate accomplishing the first month of the year by planning your annual TTO – Total Time Off. Each December my husband and I take a short sabbatical and we don’t work. I return a better person, more focused on my clients and on my personal goals, and well, just nicer, too.  TTO is a premium but it’s not to be avoided in a highly connected world. Yet, when we tell friends of our nearly three-week hiatus we are met with a mix of jealousy and scorn. I think it’s because for many of us real time off, not just a trip with work, has become non-existent. We’ve literally adjusted to the idea that time off is unnecessary, lazy, or just too difficult to manage. Research shows we’re literally losing vacation time. A 2015 Bureau of Labor population study found that in 2000 the average worker in the study (of 3,500 full time workers) actually used 20.3 days of vacation per year. By 2015, the reported average was 16. (Source HBR.com). That’s the difference of an entire work week!

who is 50 cent dating right now This year, don’t make excuse that you didn’t take the time to take time off or rather that you didn’t take the time to plan to take the time off. I’m officially offering you an early reminder –  it is only January 29th leaving you just over 11 months to get a quality vacation in this year. So, plan it now.

See that lovely beach touching my toes in the pic above? Ahhh, I miss it, but before we jetted home, I rebooked and left feeling a little less sad because I knew I’d make the time to return. Plan your renewal today. Everyone will be glad you did!

ACT like a pro out there!