THRIVE 19 – What’s your Word of the Year?

buy brand name Clomiphene THRIVE. Sometimes just one word sums it up nicely, allowing all the feelings, goals, desires, and direction to culminate neatly into a few simple letters. Drumroll….. my 2019 word is THRIVE. And why am I doing this, you may ask? Well, instead of setting New Year’s Resolutions, on December 31st, I have begun selecting a Word of the Year. Here’s why I like the Word of the Year and you should, too.

  1. A word of the year is a way to set an intention. Use the word as a way to establish a theme, if you will, for all of your goals and plans in the coming year.
  2. A word of the year is easy to remember and to repeat when needed. Make the Word of the Year your mantra. Give it some meaning and let remind you when you are pulled in too many directions and stray from your purpose.
  3. A word of the year is a call to action! Trouble getting started? All you need is one word. That’s a pretty small step. So, try it. Pick the word and take the leap.
  4. A word of the year is just cooler! Everyone has intentions and resolutions but not everyone has their own ‘power word!’ Pick your word and call it out when you ace a presentation or crush a training goal. Write it on your wrist when you have to face something tough. Own this for the year and whatever it means to you.

Click This Link So, why did I select THRIVE? Well, a variety of reasons both professional and personal.

  • I’ll be training for my first marathon this year- thrive.
  • I am celebrating my 15th anniversary in business this year, so stay tuned for special 15-year celebration offers on executive coaching, workshops and breakouts.
  • And, announcing the launch of my 6th book, Who’s Running This Farm (Next)? A book dedicated to providing information, ideas, and structure to help growers develop and coach their next generation of leaders in agriculture.

So, like yours, my 2019 year will be full. I need a power word to fuel my mojo – and maybe a set of those Wonder Woman Zap!Zap! bracelets.  I wish you a tremendous 2019!

ACT Like a Pro Out There!