why not check here Come talk peer networks with me this week at Top Producer Summit in Chicago!

why not check here If you’ve been reading my work in the last year, you’re well aware that I believe the opportunity to mastermind with other professionals is one of the best ways possible to up level your career or grow your business. In agriculture, we haven’t done as much of this as other industries but it’s beginning to change. This year, I invite you to decide if it’s time for you to really, really get serious by joining one of my Elevate Ag peer network programs. Elevate Ag offers a grower peer group (launching this winter) OR an agribusiness C-Suite peer group also launching this winter.  I’d love to talk more about this membership-based opportunity with you, but, word of warning:

Our site Elevate Ag peer groups are not for toe-dippers or the tire-kickers! 

Why? First, these are membership-based and the investment is intended for serious professionals that aim to be dedicated to themselves and to the others in the private peer group. Second, the time commitment isn’t intensive but it is meant to be focused time during two in-person meetings per year and four video/conference calls. Third, members must be willing to share serious challenges and seek ideas and solutions from peers who have been through it all before. In Elevate Ag, members must show up to both give and receive constructive, thoughtful feedback. Fourth, you’ll also receive quarterly professional executive coaching as part of the membership.

Once you’ve been a part of a peer group, your business and your life will never be the same.

Let’s talk; it’s time.

If you are in Chicago Jan. 15 and 16th at Top Producer Summit, find a time to connect with me by sending a social media message or catching me after one of my presentations. If not, message me to set another time for a discovery call. I am ready if you are.

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