order Pregabalin The concept of ‘going pro’ sounds so elite, doesn’t it? We often think of athletes that go from amateur or college ‘to the pros’ or maybe of the aspiring musicians that capture tons of fans on a reality show and suddenly have a record deal. But you don’t have to be famous to go pro. In fact, why would you?

buy lasix 500 mg You may have noticed that I sign off all of my blogs with ACT Like a Pro Out There. This is because several years ago a read a book called Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield and it literally changed my life. Pressfield’s book is a tidy 100 pages or so but it is a power-packed, kick in the butt, reality-check, whoa-nelly moment for those who read it with the mindset that, it’s time.  It’s a quote-a-minute read, with whammies such as:

https://reisathene.nl/39712-dte39097-best-dating-apk-for-tranny-girl.html             “To feel ambition and act upon it is to embrace the unique calling of our souls.”

http://www.duncanbruce.com/55890-dte95959-dating-sites-for-men-who-love-nylons.html             “Turning pro is a decision, a decision we must re-commit to every day.”

            “What we get when we turn pro is we find our power. We find our will and our voice and we find our self-respect.”

We all have the ability to become to pro we want to be in any part of our business or professional lives. Part of this process, I’ve discovered is simply to stop just messing around doing something that I liked but didn’t love. So, what about you? This spring are you ready to go pro in some part of your life? If so, what does it take to turn the page? The answer lies only within you but a few tips can certainly help. Here are the strategies that I recommend.

Step 1: Find Your Direction

  1. Describe your three greatest strengths
  2. Ask yourself, ‘What is the unique value that I bring to a business or situation?’
  3. Describe how you manifest your three greatest strengths when you are really ‘on’.

Step 2: Create a Simple Plan and Launch It

  1. Decide what going pro actually looks like for you when you are living and using those top strengths regularly
  2. Decide what you have to change, uplevel, or just do more (or less) of to go pro
  3. Create a simple set of steps or a mini plan to launch for 90 days.

Step 3: Stay Accountable

  1. Create 3-5 goals around the plan and write them out in your calendar, planner, and task list
  2. Review your goals and your go-pro plan every single week. Set a time to do this such as Sunday evening before the work week.
  3. Get accountable by telling someone else that you trust and maybe even encourage them to do the same!

Remember, the times we are most stuck are often the times we are oh-so-close to the big change. Pain often begets freedom, change, and gratitude. Power through the tough stuff, and of course, ACT Like a Pro Out There!

-Sarah Beth Aubrey